Dance Styles

 Sunanda Biswas & Temujin Gill in Lindy Break. Greenwich Dances Big Dance launch. Photo credit - Rachel Cherry


Lindy hop is a vibrant and fun social dance, termed as the grandfather of all Jive dance forms. It was one of the great highs of jazz dance from the 1930's that spread around the globe during and after World War II years. It evolved from the athletic Charleston, adapted into a partnered dance performed socially, in competitions and in mainstream entertainment. An expressive and engaging artform  with many innovations including the explosive aerials or airsteps. Based on oppositional forces, listening to your partners energy and grooving to the rhythm of the music Lindy Hop is an incredibly contagious, enjoyable and interactive dance. 



Breakin' Jazz aim's to challenge and inspire people who are interested in Jazz and Hip Hop (in particular Breakin'). It will involve learning and exploring some of the key techniques and skills drawn from Lindy Hop/Jazz, Breaking and Capoiera. Emphasis is on swing, rhythm, beat and grounded energy derived from the natural momentum and flow of movement.This form  encourage's individual expression, rhythmical interpretation and dynamic responsive to impulse and gravity. It is at times fast moving and physically demanding but designed to get the most out of each individuals abilities and ultimately be fun!


Club Universal. Photo credit - Benedict Johnson