Big Dance launch Cabaret, Greenwich Dance. Photo credit - Rachel Cherry 

Temujin's passion for dance grew from the club and social dance environment, and this early passion to express oneself and engage with others has continued to influence the style and flavour of his work throughout his career. He believes dance and creativity  should be accessible and challenging and recognises the value of employing expressive art to highlight the relevance of heritage, community and our individual uniqueness.  

He is committed to promoting the survival and creative evolution of original street dance forms including the various techniques within African American Jazz and the 3 styles of Hip Hop - Breaking, Locking and Popping.

Temujin values the opportunity to share the benefits of dance as a medium through which to release emotional and physical tension, achieve artistic excellence and encourage self expression. By tapping into the joy of rhythm and movement, and the contagious energy gained from dancing in groups, we can cultivate healthier lifestyles and a more positive appreciation of ourselves and each other.  

"Quality contrasts in style and energy. I hope you felt the immense feedback of pleasure that the audience was feeling "

Dick Matchett, Royal Festival Hall