Temujin Gill and Sunanda Biswas' Grounded at Breakin' Convention 2013. Photo credit - Belinda Lawley 


Artistic Director and Greenwich Dance artist in residence Temujin Gill and Associate Director Sunanda Biswas have brought their combined expertise together to form Grounded, a collective of diverse artists grounded in the rich culture of dances borne from the street, from the acrobatic Lindy Hop to Breaking and Rhythm Tap.

Temujin and Sunanda's association spans almost two decades from founding their first company Temujin Dance to Sunanda's all female B.girl company Flowzaic, with collaborations and performances at Edinburgh Fringe, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Sadlers Wells, the Young Vic and the Lindy Hop extravaganza for Ray Davies’ Meltdown festival at the Royal Festival Hall.

After their rollercoaster experience choreographing the much talked about NHS segment of Danny Boyles London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony and working with over 150 professional dancers, Temujin and Sunanda were emboldened to form this new company. Grounded had their first official outing at Sadler's Wells Breakin' Convention 2013, performing a new work-in-progress piece Alien States.

Grounded at Breakin' Convention 2013. Photo credit - Belinda Lawley  

Grounded Skills Exchange

Professional training in Lindy Hop, Breaking and Rhythm Tap. Sunanda Biswas and Temujin Gill shared their collective knowledge and expertise over a series of six week course during Autumn 2013 - read more

Alien States

Alien States is a rich and colourful examination of raw and expressive dance featuring the three original street dance forms of Lindy Hop, Rhythm Tap and Breaking all together on the same stage. Alien States explores a blending and adaptation of dance languages in a vibrant and engaging piece that will be developed into new full length production work that questions what connects and what challenges us when confronted by difference.

For this event Grounded wish to thank Greenwich Dance and Independance for their generous support, and Wendy Steatham for her valued rehearsal direction.  


Street Jam

Street Jam – a Grounded production

Street Jam is a fun, high energy and engaging piece featuring original dances from the street. High on the menu is the joyous and acrobatic Lindy Hop, the physically demanding and in your face Breaking and the powerful and explosive beats of Rhythm Tap. Street Jam celebrates the freestyle, the expression and the Jam, all in one seriously contagious cacophony of dance. This represents Grounded's second short programme co-choreographed by Temujin and Sunanda especially for the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival as an up-beat and accessible dance piece suitable for a mixed outdoors audience within an informal and relaxed setting.